what is a vegan leather

What is a vegan leather? Nowadays, everybody is speaking about fake leather, faux leather and sustainable materials. It s time to focus our attention on these important issues because Luxuryleather is a leather goods factory that uses a lot of different materials and sources.

From animal origin to no animal origin, at Luxuryleather Italy just the best and sustainable leathers.

what is vegan leather
what is a vegan leather?


Frankly speaking, let’s soon clarify that Vegan leather or Faux leather is a product that is NO ANIMAL ORIGIN. Indeed mostly of designers and customers to protect the animal species, they prefer to choose a fake leather to make their collections, instead of a real leather.

Recently this phenomenon is a very requested leitmotiv owing to a new sustainability concept era that is beginning every day stronger. Thus it is no accident that i often meet by zoom many designers who ask me the same question, how is vegan leather made ?

You can get a vegan leather from SYNTHETIC materials, it means plastic or from NATURAL sources such as cork, cotton or by organic elements. Both are FAKE LEATHER, i repeat fake leather, that is not real leather cause they have no animal origin.

what is vegan leather made of
Cactus Vegan Leather


Let s focus our attention on SYNTHETIC materials. Unfortunately today the most popular material is “plastic vegan leather” it means the famous PVC and PU.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is without mincing words PLASTIC hence we can imagine how hard it is to recycle this product. PVC is not sustainable, it is from fossil fuels and it has a lot of environmental criticism.

I think no need to explain here the damages created by a plastic product. I know that you are a bit surprised but that’s the true, PVC is 100% toxic.

The most dangerous scenario in PVC is the presence of the DIOXINS in high quantity, a highly toxic element.

is vegan leather real leather
is vegan leather real leather ?

I am sorry but PVC and PU are PLASTIC FAKE LEATHER.

PU (polyurethane) is another sigla and material who means PLASTIC. It is always a fake or artificial leather perhaps less toxic than PVC because PU has less fossil fuels but surely polluting. Indeed polyurethane is inherently more ecofriendly than most other plastics but it is always plastic.

After having all this info, I have a question for you?

is vegan leather plastic


Do you realize that VEGAN LEATHER and above all PVC and PV are 100% toxic?

Luxuryleather has a lot of requests about this kind of materials but few people know exactly what we are speaking about. My humble advice is simple, before to chose a different or innovative material please make yourself a careful study. Today we need to be conscient about products we are using and we are producing.

Our factory is part of a system called MADE IN ITALY and we should inform our customers.

Differences between PLASTIC VEGAN LEATHER (the famous PVC and PU) and FREE PLASTIC VEGAN LEATHER.

If we produce a vegan leather from natural materials such as cotton, cork, kelp or pineapple leaves, we are making an eco-friendly material. By the way today fewest vegan leathers are from natural materials and this innovative goods still need some petroleum product to hold the fibres together.


Unfortunately, I have to tell you that it is true but there is a good news as well, a natural vegan leather is less toxic than a plastic leather ( PVC, PU) cause inside there are more natural elements and less plastic or chemicals products.

vegan leather definition

In these last days, some several luxury brands are using from their new collections NATURAL VEGAN LEATHERS or PLASTIC FREE VEGAN LEATHER. They want to be innovative but above all to achieve the target of a sustainable development creating a new economic path.


Recently is becoming a trend to be a vegan or to have a vegan life, it means don’t consume anything that has animal products or animal origins. Vegans don’t eat meat and they completely refuse to wear leather goods or clothing made from animal origins, we must respect these choices and ideas.

At our Italian factory, in the last years, we got mainly requests about fake leather so, we need to make it clear once and for all that we don t use PLASTIC MATERIALS but just SUSTAINABLE SOURCES. So please don’t ask us to make bags or leather garment in PVC, PU or by using SYNTHETIC sources because we are a sustainable fashion factory.

Several customers need bags and leather clothing collection from vegan origin because many of them have embraced a SUSTANAINABLE philosophy, our same choice.

Please have a look at the bags below, they are vegan, in this case, we used a Cactus Vegan Leather.


Today there is a lot of confusion about vegan leather, real, ecolog, PU, PVC, with this post I believe we should draw clear guidelines for new designers and established company.

VEGAN LEATHER means fake one, there is a massive request because now is a trend movement to protect animal species. It should be from Synthetic materials (PVC, PU) or Natural materials ( cotton, cork, etc etc) and both elements have a sustainable problem as I informed before.

The choice of the right materials for your bags or collection is an important step. Our company, in addition to offering different materials, such as genuine leather or synthetic material or natural material, we assist new designers in selecting the right source.

what is vegan leather made from
Vegan leather jacket


Synthetic materials are today an OPTION, a fake option, not a natural reply, as it should be a real vegetable leather that even if it comes from an animal is 100% SUSTAINABLE. Honestly, I think if you are reading this post it means you felt conscious of the situation.

If you need an alternative to animal origin Vegan leather is your answer. Today Luxuryleather offers different kind of faux ones, the only problem is that these kind of products are not so cheap and above all, they have some restrictions.

A real leather, an animal origin ages much better than a vegan one for example. It offers more possibilities of tannery processing, instead of a fake one where we can t make at the moment different refinishing but to keep its basic style.

vegan leather vs real leather


The research into environmental sustainability is becoming a prerogative for such companies like us, like Luxuryleather who are operating at global level. In this context, we prefer to inform carefully our new customers about best materials to use.

It s clear that SUSTAINABLE is today everywhere. In any case we must try to spread this philosophy cause we have to protect our planet and i am sure that depending on your values you will make the right choice.

It is up then you now, Plastic leather, Free Plastic leather or Real Leather. If in your mind, in your leather collection, you are looking for a permanently concept that must offer more guarantees, in this case, we suggest you opt for animal origin or a real leather.

vegan leather definition

It doesn’ t mean we are obsolete or aged, on the contrary we respect and follow customers indications but it is clear that real leather is a guarantee in terms of durability, naturalness and resistance.

Targets achieved thanks to our Italian tanneries or Italian tanning system. Indeed in our country, tanning process, methods and refinishing have reached very high standards, we can honestly say that today we are leader in the tanning process.

In conclusion, however, at our factory we offer withouth a doubt both materials, vegan leather and real leather. Our final advice about your choice is to take all the time you need and don t forget that if you have some doubts we are here to help you.

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