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Vegetable tanning leather

Vegetable tanning leather is an old process of leather tanning. Indeed, the first historical mentions date back to prehistoric times. When discussing vegetable tanning, we have to focus on TANNIN, the main character, a natural product extracted from plants. The tannin is found in the wood of quebracho and chestnut; consequently, the global tanning industry mixing them with water develops vegetable tanning. In the last few years, vegetable tanning has become a very famous kind of trend to follow. At Luxuryleather we consume a large quantity of vegetable leather cause it respects the environment with various advantages, such as :

  • fights against the bacteria
  • give resistance
  • emphasising the natural character
  • makes a unique product
vegetable tanning leather

A secret, the vegetable tanning.

Every tannery or tanner keeps tanning recipes secretly. In every case, none of them will ever tell you what percentage of quebracho, water, or chestnut is used to prepare the vegetable tanning. The recipe on how to dye skins is a SECRET. There is a basic scheme, but then comes the tanning skills, and every tannery uses a different process. Luxuryleather is a sustainable factory, and our vegetable tanning is unique cause different from a tannery to a tannery.

Products made by vegetable tanning.

Once the leather is in vegetable condition, the fashion system or factories like us use these skins to make bags, small leather goods or leather garments. When we use vegetable leather, we immediately notice direct contact with Nature. It seems to walk in the woods thanks to the smell of tannin that leather emanates. It is a kind of return to the past. When you touch a bag or a garment made in a vegetable way, you feel naturality, a resistance, a transparency that no other tanning can recreate. Luxuryleather offers vegetable tanning to customers looking for a high-quality product, which needs unique craftsmanship, always different and always true to itself.

vegetable new color

Tannin versus bacteria.

In conclusion, every day, our lives meet multiple bacteria. If, for a while, you start thinking about how many times we open and reclose our bags. We touch the mobile and multiple attitudes that expose us to virus attacks. You immediately understand we are affected by bacteria. Using a leather product (bag, handbag, mobile cover, etc.) made by vegetable tanning means we are protected from these bacterias attacks. Indeed, TANNIN, which is inside leather fibres, impedes the transmission of the virus. It acts as a shield for transmission. So, besides being a unique product, you have a product antibacterial very current at the time of CORONAVIRUS.

vegetable leather tannery

We invite customers to think GREEN, focusing on the Sustainability concept and, above all, to use vegetable leather for their production. Meanwhile, our office can give you further details and clarify any doubts. Please send us an email at news@luxuryleather.it . We love NATURE, and we love this world. It is time to protect our lives and our leather products, and it is time to change our minds while walking in a new era. Welcome aboard at www.leathergoodsmanufacturing.com, your eco-friendly factory made in Italy.