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what is a vegan leather

What is a vegan leather? Everyone speaks about fake, faux, synthetic, eco and sustainable materials. It’s time to focus on these critical issues and the term vegan leather because Luxuryleather is an Italian leather goods manufacturer that uses many different materials and sources in the manufacturing process.  From animal origin to no animal origin, Luxuryleather Italy uses only the best […]

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How to tie dye

How to tie-dye? Or is tie dye in fashion again? Of course, just looking at the latest fashion shows, we notice that this technique is back, now the fashion system’s main character. In the last couple of years, Luxuryleather and Cristiano Burani introduced various tie-dye leather collections at Milano fashion week, achieving excellent results. I’d

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Vegetable tanning leather

Vegetable tanning leather is an old process of leather tanning. Indeed, the first historical mentions date back to prehistoric times. When discussing vegetable tanning, we have to focus on TANNIN, the main character, a natural product extracted from plants. The tannin is found in the wood of quebracho and chestnut; consequently, the global tanning industry

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Sustainability Manufacturing

Certainly, sustainability manufacturing means excellence in the Italian fashion industry. As a result, we often hear about SUSTAINABILITY and respect for the ENVIRONMENT, two important aspects for the future of our companies. The single man causes real problems to NATURE and environmental crises such as air, water, and ground pollution. People achieve their interests and

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