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Sustainability Manufacturing

Certainly, sustainability manufacturing means excellence in the Italian fashion industry. As a result, we often hear about SUSTAINABILITY and respect for the ENVIRONMENT, two important aspects for the future of our companies. The single man causes real problems to NATURE and environmental crises such as air, water, and ground pollution. People achieve their interests and development without considering the impact of their gestures on the planet.

sustainability manufacturing
the concept of “sustainability” is part of our company.

A sustainability manufacturing for a better world.

Luxury leather is a vertically integrated factory. We combine research, creativity, and respect for the environment, following sustainability principles. As a result, tanning or refinishing our leathers and products involves a high sense of responsibility. Above all, living in a “sustainable” way means considering the territory where we live and mother EARTH and not following just our interests. Therefore in the last ten years, LuxuryLeather tried in every way to promote an eco-sustainable product improvement:

  • Quality of the emissions in the atmosphere
  • the management of the special waste products in the tanning phase.
  • decrease in energy consumption
  • status of our primary commodity: the WATER
sustainability company


Because obligation is part of the concept of sustainability, we cannot pretend that environmental issues don’t exist today. Rather, we must awaken the territory of the environmental issues dealt with, a difficult result to achieve because now we need a new way of thinking. Luxuryleather’s commitment to environmental compatibility is in developing new leather or manufacturers tanned with biodegradable chemical dyes or vegetable chemical recipes, such as vegetable tanning or aluminium tanning, both methods with low impact on the environment.

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