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Handbag Made in Italy

HANDBAG MADE IN ITALY What does a Handbag Made in Italy mean? Indeed this sentence indicates a product manufactured in Italy synonymous with high quality, exclusivity and uniqueness. The term marks distinction, and all bags made in Luxury leather factories must respect these high standards. Perhaps it is just a label or something else behind […]

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Fashion week in Milan

FASHION WEEK IN MILAN FASHION WEEK IN MILAN: our leather collection. LUXURY LEATHER is an Italian leather goods manufacturer making bags and leather garments for luxury brands, young designers and established companies. If you launch your collection and are looking for a professional and specialized manufacturer, you will find the right one. Please email us

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Museo Madre meets LuxuryLeather

At Madre or better known as Museo Madre, the museum of contemporary art of Naples, there was a very interesting workshop arranged by Paola Maddaluno. Paola is a professor of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and Naples. She selected our company, Luxuryleather to meet first-year students of fashion design.  Museo Madre, an artistic

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