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Museo Madre meets LuxuryLeather

At Madre or better known as Museo Madre, the museum of contemporary art of Naples, there was a very interesting workshop arranged by Paola Maddaluno. Paola is a professor of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and Naples. She selected our company, Luxuryleather to meet first-year students of fashion design. 

Luxuryleather meets The Madre.

Museo Madre, an artistic space of excellence.

In this magical place, indeed the Museum is located in the heart of Naples, in an old building Donnaregina Palace, we shared with students our knowledge and skills about :

  • the creative process in the fashion system
  • research and development of the Italian leather tanning industry
  • vegetable tanning, chrome tanning versus synthetic leather
  • design of a fashion collection: bags shoes and leather garments.

All of these issues, under the overall direction of the teacher, Paola Maddaluno, are essential to having a complete knowledge of the fashion system. Students were immediately intrigued by our expertise on each part of our manufacturing process.

Museo Madre Napoli : one of the best Italian Museums.

The first step was the introduction of our company, our skills in the leather goods manufacturing and leather jacket manufacturer, leader in the fashion sector. Following a thorough analysis of how to create a bag or a fashion collection, we focused our attention on topics such as global warming and sustainability.

In this case, it was obvious to talk about vegetable leather versus synthetic leather, a matter very dear to the students. For a long time, Luxuryleather recognizes the vegetable tanning like the only green tanning, thanks to TANNIN use, instead of synthetic leather who is made by oil and petroleum elements.

The Museum of Contemporary Art.

This net distinction will help students to become aware of the materials to use for their next collections. Each of us desires to build a better world and through this workshop, we have definitely disproved this myth, that synthetic leather is ecologic. This is completely a false info and I am very proud that our company clarified this important issue.

Art was made to dominate, to cry to pray. We are doing for a living.

Constantin Brancusi, it can be found inside the MADRE Museum.

After a first descriptive and technical phase, we have started to involve students. They had the chance to touch several kinds of leather, inspecting the high quality of our manufacturing and products.

students struggling with luxury leathers.

Suddenly the workshop had become more active, indeed Paola and I were among the students trying to answer their questions. Honestly, the final part was the one I prefered because I felt a student again, indeed we abandoned the role of technicians and teacher returning to the past when we were students also.

We must recognize that there was a lot of curiosity, this event gave answers and notions to those who need to clarify their future projects, their FUTURE CAREER. Well i was very pleased that i met them.

In conclusion, i would like to thank Paola and the Madre for the invitation but above all students attended the event. It was a wonderful experience to be repeated in the future, thanks again for choosing us, a made in Italy factory.