Luxuryleather is an Italian manufacturer of bags that works for young designers and established companies sharing its know-how acquired over forty years of manufacturing experience. You can develop your bag collection or leather garment outfits in our office in Milano or in our showroom in Solofra, one of Italy’s main centers for leather tanning.


Since 1979 a manufacturer of bags that offers :

  1. pattern development
  2. study on the latest trends,
  3. research and assembly of accessories for all bespoke requests,
  4. research and selection of the best leather,
  5. quality control in manufacturing bags and leather garments production,
  6. Made in Italy entire production.

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Manufacturer of bags


professionalism, flexibility and creativity

manufacturing of bags

A leather goods manufacturing that guarantees an efficient service at a competitive price. Thanks to our professional team of artisans we can implement and design any type of article, respecting a sustainable and unique way of work : an example . . . .

N Y F W : New York Fashion Week THE SHOWS

Runway on 8th February

A great partnership with a designer from Uk gave us the chance to be there, to join at New York Fashion Week 20/21. In our factory we produced three different models of bags, all of them became the real stars of NY fashion show.

thanks so much NIKOLE.

manufacturer of bag

Your private label from Italy

Behind a sketch, a draw a collection there are several difficulties and factors, from leather choosing to hardware to the final sample. In Luxuryleather what we do it is a simple step, it means to stay in touch with customers, we are always behind them and if we notice a problem or a mistake, immediately we contact them. Our philosophy is very clear, in our company, a bag, a sample must be perfect and above all, it must satisfy customer requests. Most of them are very surprised for our working attitude, we never leave customers alone but we want they are involved, they are part of this project. That initial draw is now inside our lives and we have to make it unique, for this reason, we want to be your manufacturer of bags.


Please, simply provide us your telephone number and email, my office department will contact you asap. We will be delighted to send you a quote and all assistance required.