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Manufacturer private label

A manufacturer private label to make your bags, small leather goods and leather garments. We are an Italian factory made by artisans with over 35 years of experience making bags and leather articles. Luxury leather Italy is a factory leader in the fashion system. We use sustainable leather because we are an evergreen factory. Indeed we tan in vegetable recipes and promote vegan leather, free plastic. Both sources are 100% ecologic, and our philosophy is to ban all materials with PU, PC and PVC, which means we don t use PLASTIC or DIOXIN.

Your Manufacturer private Label in only 5 steps:


Pattern & Prototype:

from a sketch, a design, or a picture we begin to develop your pattern following information in the Specification sheet.

After this initial step, we are prepared to create the prototype, the final product as you imagined.

 Selection Materials:

It s time to select materials such as skins and leather, or synthetic materials, vegan, or why not natural materials. We provide a wide range of materials to suit every customer’s request because we are a Suistainable Manufacturing.

 Selection Hardware:

we focus our attention on hardware, we have to study accessories in all its forms, from zipper to snap hook, logo stamp in brass to the lining.

 Sample Production:

we have all the elements to build your bag: prototype is ready, materials and accessories have been selected so it’s time to cut and stitch.


sample is ready to be shipped out to the customer and we have all info about costs. Our factory know very well leather price and consumption,accessories expenses, manufacturing costs so we can notify the final price to you.


manufacturer private label

" I can highly recommend Luxury&Leather from Italy. I have found them very professional and customer focused. They have the insight and manufacturing capability required for premium products like my bags. They are my private label manufacturing "

Custom bag manufacturer private label

You don’t know how to prepare a technical drawing? Don’t worry Luxury Leather team is ready to help you, our designers are able to make it better.

What we need by you is  just a draw or a sketch, nothing else. We will do the rest.

Please have a look at our abilities: at the beginning it was a normal draw, later we made a leather masterpiece from Milano Fashion week.

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Please, simply provide us your telephone number and email, my office department will contact you asap. We will be delighted to send you a quote and all assistance required.