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Nowadays, there is a solid demand for accessories for leather goods. Besides being a leather goods manufacturing, Luxury leather tannery is located in Solofra, southern Italy. Besides offering a manufacturing service, we can develop and suggest different kinds of leather, refinishing colours and articles.

leather tannery
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Thanks to its grain, which is very smooth, elegant and plain, a calf bag is undoubtedly a high-quality product. The images above show how using calf leather maintains a contemporary and chic touch for a luxury concept.

Our advice for those who want to have a perfect shape and enhance at the same time a minimalist concept is the choice of a top-grade calfskin that we can provide and use for your collection of leather bags.

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Flexible and resistant, the grain of a calf hide is refined and smooth. About colours, they should be deep, in contrast, and transparent, very subtle. This kind of skin can be used in many ways; at Luxury leather, as you can check in our portfolio section, we often use them for leather goods with a thickness from 08 to 1.4.leather.

To make a bag or a handbag production, we suggest that our customers keep a suitable thickness around 09/1. You can ask us for your leather from Italy, and our artisans will show you the best options.

Leather Tannery: how to make leather.

Leather has pervaded the story of humanity at all latitudes and in every space in the world, it accompanies the man throughout his centuries-old history.


Luxury Leather is one of the best players in the leather industry. In our Italian tannery, we used to work and tan several hides, such as calf, sheep, and lamb, until exotic skins, mainly Nine Crocodile. Are you looking for leather from Italy? or any leather to make your collection? We are your leather tannery, made in Italy.

Today, 45% of our production is destined for bags, 30% for footwear and 25% for clothing. We are a fashion tannery. We work for fashion brands, and quality regularity and constancy are our main features.

Which Type of Leather Should I Choose?

Leather is a durable and flexible material often used to make clothing, bags, shoes, and other items. There are many different types of leather, but the most common ones are calf, cowhide, lambskin, and sheep, all sources we can provide.

Some leathers are more resistant, while others are more flexible or soft. The most important thing to remember when choosing a type of leather is that it should match your intended use case.

Many people have no idea how to make this decision because they don’t know enough about leather. They go with the first thing they see or what’s trendy. We advise asking our team and artisans for the best solution because leather has many styles, weights, and textures.

The future for an Italian LEATHER TANNERY

The Italian market’s demand for leather goods and accessories has recently increased. Most luxury brands develop different accessories lines based on leather tanning or materials. It is no coincidence that vegetable tanning, an old method to tan hides, has become a new leather trend.

  • What’s so Special about Vegetable-Tanned Leather?
    1. Leather is 100% sustainable and evergreen.
    2. Polyphenols and tannin fight against bacteria.
    3. Products to tan the skin come from nature, such as chestnut and mimosa trees.
    4. After years of exposure, extremely durable and resistant features can keep the leather transparent.


Because in recent years, the eco-sustainable theme has become so crucial that most buyers need to develop an ecological collection. By the way, a vegetable calf hide is now a trend. Their leitmotiv is respect for Nature, and the environment, a prerogative issue. Conversely, we even have vegan leather-free plastic, the famous fake leather.


Our factory produces vegan leather bags and garments from cactus, apple, pineapple or other organic materials. We were one of the first companies in Italy to make bags and clothing completely vegan and sustainable.

All you need to know about vegan leather 👉 advantages and disadvantages are also described.

With so many options, it’s worth getting to know the different types of leather and what each one can offer. Luxury Leather has already selected other leather options, chrome tanned, vegetable or vegan. Our team, thanks to its artisanal experience and handicraft experience, will help you to find suitable hide and quality for your leather collection.

Please email us at news@luxuryleather.it to get further details about hiding and skins.