LEATHER TANNERY our season trends.

Nowadays there is a great and strong demand for accessories, for leather goods, our advice for those who want to have a perfect shape and to enhance at the same time, a minimalist concept is the use of a LUXURY calf hide.

Thanks to its grain who is very smooth, elegant and plain, a CALF bag is surely a high-quality product, a bag entirely handmade in our factory.

Please have a look bags below, we used our CALF hide, the luxury line and the result is excellent.


Flexible and resistant, the grain of a CALF hide is refined and smooth. About colors, they should be deep, in contrast and trasnparent, very subtle. A CALF hide can be used in many ways but in our factory, we often use them for leather goods and small leather goods with a thickness from 08 to 1.4.

To make a bag or an handbag production, we suggest to the new customers to keep a good thickness around 09/1, one of the best final solution.

leather tanneries
we have 100 colours of calf Nappa ready to be shipped out.

Leather has pervaded the story of humanity at all latitudes and in every space in the world, it accompanies the man throughout his centuries-old history.

The history of an Italian LEATHER TANNERY.

Luxury Leather, your factory in Italy, is one of the best players in the leather industry. In our Italian tannery, we used to touch several hides, skins from calf, sheep, lamb to original exotic hides.

Today, 45% of our production is destined for bags, 30% for footwear and 25% for clothing. We are a fashion tannery, we work for fashion brands, quality regularity and costancy are our main features.

More than a LEATHER TANNERY, we want to be your partner in italy.

Several phases of leather working in our Italian tannery.

The future for an Italian LEATHER TANNERY

In recent years, the demand for leather goods and accessories has rapidly increased in the Italian market. Most luxury brands are developing different accessories lines in basis of different leather tanning or materials. It is no coincidence that a vegetable tanning, an old method to tan hides becomes today a new leather trend.

Why does something really so successful?

From accessories to clothing, everything was made of leather.

Because in recent years eco-sustainable theme has become so important than most buyers need to develop an ecological collection. By the way, a vegetable calf hide is now a trend, their leitmotiv is the respect for the Nature, the environment, a prerogative issue.

Luxury Leather selects the best CALF leather in chrome or vegetable tanning, our team, thanks to its artisanal experience, handicraft experience, they will help you to find the right hide and quality for your leather collection.

Please send us an email at [email protected] to get further details about hide and skins.