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Leather Fanny Pack.

Leather Fanny Pack

Is a leather fanny pack fashionable? Luxury leather, one of the best Italian manufacturers of leather goods, is convinced that it is a MUST for spring-summer 2021/22 and the following years. Everyone is becoming crazy about dressing in a leather fanny pack.

Leather Fanny Pack for women.

Honestly, it is considered one of the best bags to travel. Indeed inside, you can add all that you want. From mobile to keys to cigarettes to the wallet, there is always a space in your leather fanny pack.

Thanks to our craftsmen, and the hand-made approach at Luxury leather factory, our fanny packs are of exceptional and unrivalled quality.

leather fanny packs
Milano fashion week, fanny packs made by luxuryleather.


How often during the day suddenly dawns on you: where are my keys or mobile? Oh damn, I lost them. Your leather fanny pack solves your doubts, and your life improves because you can put everything inside.

Leather fanny packs are one of the most versatile and stylish accessories you can own. They are not only fashionable but also functional. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Depending on your preference, they can be used as a handbag or a belt bag.

Luxuryleather and Cristiano Burani, one of the best Italian designers, have proposed several leather fanny packs. Using soft leather and unique colours, our luxury bags are ready to be dressed for walking on the beach or at a gala evening.

Please look 👆 at our models introduced at Milano Fashion Week; we hope you can appreciate them.


There are all sorts, from a basic version that is very minimalist to the one with studs or the FRINGES fanny pack, the main character at Milano fashion week.

From this point of view, it means a return to the 70s, the famous western touch with a new luxury concept through refined materials.

We met on the catwalk, a woman very proud to dress her fanny pack and supremely confidence in her style and story, a PURE ENERGY.


As you might have noticed, watching the video, Luxuryleather made some leather fanny packs very comfortable. We have a bigger version, where you can put a lot of objects inside, a form very resistant with a minimalist design.

Fanny packs are back! They may not be the most fashionable accessory, but they can be handy. They are a great alternative to purses, especially for those who don’t like carrying much weight. They are much more discreet than wearing backpacks or toting around a bag.

Close this shape. We propose a miniature version, a fanny pack suitable for young girls, those who are ready to go out and need just a tiny space for their primary objects, such as a mobile or a key or other small stuff.

Regarding LEATHER options, Luxuryleather and Cristiano Burani continue to use and promote sustainable materials that are 100% evergreen. It is not the case that to make this collection, we used a sheep leather Nappa very soft and tanned in a vegetable way, instead of versions made with hundreds of studs or fringes of a vegetable calf, a material more resistant.

Why choose us to make leather fanny packs?

Because we are leather goods manufacturing that offers a wide range of options, one of our main targets is the sustainability issue. Our leather products are manufactured in Italy by experienced professionals and craftsmen. In this case, each fanny pack is handmade with traditional methods.

If you need further details about our factory or services, please email us at news@luxuryleather.it. Our style office is at your service.