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How to tie dye

How to tie-dye? Or is tie dye in fashion again? Of course, just looking at the latest fashion shows, we notice that this technique is back, now the fashion system’s main character. In the last couple of years, Luxuryleather and Cristiano Burani introduced various tie-dye leather collections at Milano fashion week, achieving excellent results.

I’d like to describe our leather refinishing for this theme; indeed, we primarily use two different processes both are handmade :

  • a tie-dye skin by skin thanks to the dipping method, a traditional version
    • or a tie-dye on a finished garment or accessory treatment, the Luxuryleather version.

I am introducing two aspects that seem the same with considerable differences. Let s analyze them individually and discover the best solution for your leather collection in our factory.

How to tie-dye? Skin by skin.

The first step is preparing chemical products and, above all, colour solutions in an empty tank. Once that tank is ready, we can dip our single skin several times in the solution, checking carefully that dye seeps into the skin, which is in crust condition.

In other words, skin is not finished but semi-worked, ready to be reworked to get the final aspect we are looking for. Please watch our video, HOW TO TIE DYE ? where you can understand what I am talking about.

After various dipping, the skin begins to have a unique effect of shaded drawings, which guarantee a particular impact of three-dimensional shapes. In conclusion, we will get some exceptional leathers made by hand which are different from one another for tonality, aspect and look.

As you can see in these pictures, bags or leather clothing made in our factory through tie-dye dipping are special and unique worldwide.

Tie-dye process: finished product treatment.

Let’s analyze the tie-dye technique on a finished product treatment we offer to our customers a different and customized version. In this case, we work with a product (bag, clothing, accessory) that is ready, indeed is complete, stitched and manufactured; there is only one thing left, absolute control.

We respray a chemical solution made of waxy aniline or silicon on the finished product, giving him a different look, more vintage, older, and sporty.

To get this particular effect, we use a spray gun that allows us to standardize the look. Really, by making multiple steps, we have the chance to achieve the result occurs. In conclusion, we can define the final effect of our bag or clothing spraying by hand.


In the last five years, Luxuryleather made multiple leather products using a different process of tie-dye cause this technique is very requested by our customers, above all European customers. Most interesting is that this whole process is handmade, so we need time, patience and maximum attention. Otherwise, we risk damaging the product.

Luxuryleather offers different solutions :

  • a customization product
  • handmade spraying
  • basic tie dye, the famous Shibori
  • a special refinishing, finished garment treatment
  • handmade finishing touches.
tie dye how to
Tie-dye, how do you?

To sum up, we invite you to check our previous products, which tie-dye effect seems SUPER and kindly send us an email at news@luxuryleather.it to get further details about new leather treatments.

We are delighted to provide you with the latest information.