How To Make a Bag

In this post, I d like to share with you, information and details about how to make a bag and above all how we work in our factory cause it is very important to choose the right people.

how to make a bag

First of all, we have to clarify that those who decide to make a bag in our factory or a collection, finally they chose a hand-crafted product, as a result, the bag is making by the hands of our artisans not following any industrial schemes but putting maximum attention to details. Just in this way you can have an artisanal bag, certainly a unique product that represents the Made in Italy‘s brand in terms of Excellence, Tradition, and exclusivity. So let s explore how to make bags.

How to make a bag: five steps

  • Pattern & Prototype : from a sketch, a design, or a picture we begin to develop your pattern following information in the Specification sheet. After this initial step, we are prepared to create the Prototype, the final product as you imagined.
  • Selection Materials: It s time to select materials such as skins and leather, or synthetic materials, vegan, or why not natural materials. We provide a wide range of materials to suit every customer’s request.
  • Selection Hardware: we focus our attention on hardware, we have to study Accessories in all its forms, from zipper to snap hook to the lining.
  • Sample production: we have all the elements to build your bag: prototype is ready, materials and accessories have been selected so it’s time to cut and stitch.
  • Datasheet sample is ready to be shipped out to the customer and we have all info about costs: we know very well leather price and consumption, accessories expenses, manufacturing costs so we can notify the final price to you.

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From the very start of my handbag brand, “Luxury&Leather” has felt like the right choice to work with. Besides the excellent quality of the products, they think along very well and give good advices. Also the fast communication is always guaranteed.

Denise Ruigrok van der Werven.