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Handmade Product

What means a handmade product? Luxuryleather inspires excellence cause we need to promote the most skilled master artisans. Craftsmanship is the aspect that distinguishes our factory, our company, our leather goods manufacturing in Italy.

handmade product
Handmade Product

Above all, in our firm, we prefer to work by HAND for most of our production, proud to be the maximum expression of the MADE IN ITALY in the world.

Even if it doesn’t exist a challenge between tradition and innovation our main target is to make a unique product, a MASTERPIECE.


The use of machines and technology to make a bag or leather clothing must be considered as the two faces of the same coin. Indeed nowadays we have to consider the role that TECHNOLOGY has to play in a manufacturing company.

Even if Luxuryleather makes bags following an old method or TRADITION, we need technology to improve the quality of our products.

handmade products
Technology versus Tradition

Our artisans pass on generations their competencies and skills but with the help of the new TECHNOLOGICAL TOOLS, surely they can enhance a handmade product.

Technology is at our service and helps us to develop activities and products that in the past it was very complicated and difficult.


We are a manufacturer of bags made by Italian artisans that know very well materials, techniques, and innovation. To get these competencies our craftsmen spent a lot of years around a table, working to improve their skills.

Craftsmanship + technology

Indeed behind a bag or leather clothing, there is not only a product but different lives and different stories also. It is not a case that to create UNIQUE goods or a MASTERPIECE we need a series of circumstances such as Tradition, Passion, Innovation, and much more.


During the manufacturing phase, between the product and the artisan is born an intimate bond. It s a kind of relation different and unique that changes from one product to another, where the main target is to make a masterpiece.

Despite crafts, CREATIVITY is another important character that supports the final creation. Surely the artisan starts to create ideas and articles thanks to its geniality and inspiration.

It is time that genius strikes cause we are ready to make a handmade product that is unique, a GEM. Most people consider our handmade bags or leather clothing as some normal products but behind them, there is much more. There are Culture, Discover, Surprise, Artisanship, and other aspects that most of you never think about.

artisan product
A masterpiece

By now there is just the word SHOPPING, that’s it, nobody focuses its attention on the real value of that bag or product.

Luxuryleather wants to stress again the consequence of handmade products, the different stories and lives that are deep inside them. There are various ways to be part of MADE IN ITALY system, one of them is to create unique handmade products and we are very proud to continue along this path.

artisan products
Unique, exclusive products HANDMADE


If you need further details about our manufacturing process, and our handmade system, please send us an email at news@luxuryleather.it. Our office will reply soon, fixing if you prefer a video call with our experts also.