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When looking for a handbag manufacturer, finding a factory with the capacity and experience to produce high-quality handbags is essential. At Luxury leather Italy you can develop custom bags, fashion accessories, leather handbags, and high-quality products.

We are a bag manufacturing leader in the fashion industry. This article will provide all the information you need about finding a good handbag manufacturer, from the first step (product design) to the final production. We are an Italian handbag manufacturer that works for young designers, start-up and established companies sharing its know-how acquired from years of experience in various products.



  1. CAD design and tech packs,
  2. pattern development, design services and handbag design,
  3. CMT (Cut, Make and Trim) ODM services,
  4. study on the latest trends,
  5. minimum order quantity,
  6. research and assembly of accessories for all bespoke requests,
  7. analysis and selection of the best leather (free samples) and sourcing services,
  8. quality control team,
  9. competitive prices, minimum quantity and short time,
  10. Made in Italy, the entire cycle, a unique customer service,


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Since 1969, our family-owned factory in southern Italy has been crafting some of the iconic bags lovers recognize – including luxury brands such as Dior or Versace. The enviable manufacturing pedigree is a testament to the craftsmanship they employ here at Luxury Leather! Are you searching for a reliable partner to produce your bags? If so, we would love an opportunity to prove that we can be that option for you! Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.


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The factory offers customized handbag manufactured services at affordable prices, and all goods made in our Italian factory are 100% sustainable. From vegan leather to genuine leather or leather materials, all sources used to manufacture our leather bags are mainly eco-friendly.


A handbag manufacturer that guarantees an efficient service at a competitive price. Thanks to our professional team of artisans, we can implement and design any article, respecting a sustainable and unique way of work: an example.

N Y F W : New York Fashion Week THE SHOWS

Runway on 8th February

A great partnership with a designer from Uk gave us the chance to be there, to join at New York Fashion Week 22/23. In our factory, we produced three different models of bags, and all of them became the real stars of the NY fashion show.

Designed in the United Kingdom by MISSWOODS but handmade in Italy by Luxuryleather, these luxury bags represent excellence in research and design.

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Luxury leather Italy is a professional handbag manufacturer and handbag suppliers. The Italian factory produces high-quality men’s and women’s bags, developing private label handbags for wholesalers, luxury shops, companies and start-ups. We offer our customers a design phase (bag designer) and production drawings in a fast lead time. Above all, if we need to customize your products, from hardware to leather or logo, our team is ready to assist you in finding the best solution based on your needs.

So which are our main products? We make different types of handbags, such as:

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An Italian custom bag manufacturer that uses several kinds of leather and refinishing to make their products. The factory usually invests 30% of its annual turnover in research and development giving the customers a chance to receive the last tendencies and refinishing about the fashion world.

Regarding real leather and animal origin we supply the following articles:

custom bag manufacturer

Not just leather of animal origin but, above all, different solutions and replies. A sustainable handbag manufacturer with products 100% ecologic and evergreen. Cotton canvas, cotton, organic materials and the famous vegan leather-free plastic are the latest trends in terms of sustainability.

These are our proposals to those looking for something different and updated, as happened to Luisa Scheffler, owner of Bementi, a young brand with a great future.

All Bementi products are designed in Germany and then lovingly handcrafted in Italy by Luxury leather. Her vegan bags combine timelessly beautiful designs with the highest quality and sustainability.

Shoulder straps, zipper closures, leather accessories, handbag samples, and small leather goods are completely plastic-free. At our factory, faux leather and synthetic materials are banned.

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Several difficulties and factors exist behind a sketch, a draw, or a collection, from leather choice to hardware to the final sample. At our factory, every single phase is carefully controlled by our artisans. They have years of expertise in handbag production.So if we notice wrong info from the tech pack or a not precise detail, our way to work is to recontact the customer asap.

Our philosophy is evident. Indeed a bag, a sample must be perfect, and above all, it must satisfy customer requests. Most of them ( above all in the united states and hong kong, our main markets ) are very surprised by our working attitude. We never leave customers alone, but we want them to be involved from sample product to physical product. They are part of this project. That initial draw is now inside our lives, and we have to make it unique. For this reason, we want to be your handbag manufacturer.

My and my team’s target is the first place in giving a long future to our company thanks to continuous research in sustainability. We have to offer our customers the best solutions for traceability and transparency in the leather context.


Luxuryleather invites us to consider with attention the future of our territory and real-world situations, an aspect that too many people don t contemplate but is essential for our policy. We are handbag factories and leather handbag manufacturers that respect its territory, a space where we can select and grow up our future artisans.

We can transform raw materials into authentic masterpieces and fashion bags thanks to them. Nowadays, the social environment plays a critical role in our company, indeed is collective our trump card. We make bags and clothing in Italy using this exchange of experience and collective view giving the final product a new identity. Our design team and our product lines develop unique physical products.

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Creation is in everything that surrounds us. Everything around us influences our personal lives and the products we are developing. Luxuryleather tries to take inspiration not just from the fashion system but mainly from Territory and Collective, two essential aspects that affect our finished product.

Please get in touch with us for further details about our world and craftsmanship. You are welcome to visit our factory in Italy, hoping for long-term cooperation.

Let’s work together and if you are interested welcome to our showroom, tannery and factory. A journey to touch the real made in Italy, a world full of craftsmanship and love. We are responsible for the beauty in the world. Luxuryleather creates articles featuring creativity, quality and exclusivity. We are your factory made in Italy

For any work proposal, please send an email: news@luxuryleather.it


Please, simply provide us your telephone number and email, my office department will contact you asap. We will be delighted to send you a quote and all assistance required.