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What does a Handbag Made in Italy mean? Indeed this sentence indicates a product manufactured in Italy synonymous with high quality, exclusivity and uniqueness.

The term marks distinction, and all bags made in Luxury leather factories must respect these high standards.

handbag made in Italy

Perhaps it is just a label or something else behind this term? Indeed this expression represents a world, a space made of passions, culture, art, dressing, living, and CREATIVITY

made in Italy factory


Bags and handbags Made in Italy by artisans

Our grandfather created the Luxuryleather company in the years after the war, and today is an inheritance from father to son. Perhaps this is the value of MADE IN ITALY, a story, a tale of several families. These persons built their lives around a company, around a table working and eating together simultaneously.

“OPEN MY HEART and you will see Italy engraved inside.”

— Robert Browing

So why do international luxury brands and most famous designers want to produce in Italy? Why do we assist several start-ups looking for Italian factories to create their brands? There is just one answer cause choosing an Italian factory is synonymous with luxury handcraft and uniqueness; it is perceived as an added value.

We make handbags and leather clothing wholly made in Italy.

We are an Italian leather goods manufacturing and garment factory representing the Made in Italy in the world, promoting traditions, culture, and territory as a term for EXCELLENCE and QUALITY. In other words, those who need exclusive and customized products find the right partner in our company.

Our qualified team’s daily commitment and attention to detail have made us a leader in the fashion sector. Therefore our products, such as bags, small leather goods or leather garments, are handmade in Italy by artisans with more than 30 years-long experience.

Their skills serve customers who want to make a unique product, a sign of sartorial luxury and quality.

Leather handbag made in Italy

Luxuryleather can certify the label Made in Italy that appears under your logo or brand name as synonymous with exclusiveluxury, and authenticity.

Please visit our portfolio section for further details about the brands we produce. Currently, we have a partnership with more than one hundred brands worldwide. Please email us at news@luxuryleather.it; our office will recontact you as soon as possible.