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fashion week in milan

What does it mean to be part of a fashion week in Milan?

The leather clothing line presented at the Spring-Summer Fashion Week in Milan catwalk show is the maximum expression of a quality product, of deep research from leather to lining to the accessory.

It was in 2013 when LuxuryLeather began brilliant cooperation with Italian designer Cristiano Burani to promote Italian excellence in the world, the famous “Made in Italy“. As a leather garment and leather goods manufacturer, thanks to Cristiano and his creativity exploded in recent years, Luxuryleather got a leading position in the fashion sector, a space that, year after year, is consolidated.

FASHION WEEK IN MILAN: our leather collection.

LUXURY LEATHER is an Italian leather goods manufacturer making bags and leather garments for luxury brands, young designers and established companies. If you launch your collection and are looking for a professional and specialized manufacturer, you will find the right one. Please email us at news@luxuryleather.it. Our office will reply soon, providing you with the best possible service.

We are an Italian factory operating on the international market for over 40 years, with a great story and exceptional CRAFTSMEN behind the scenes. Is there any chance of seeing leather products made in your factory? I don’t know how often I get this question from new customers. Finally, I decided to make a page on our web called the portfolio section just for them.

Please have a look. You can see bags and leather garments produced and our high-quality standards.

We are here to make your collection. For any requests, could you email us at?