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My goal is to live my passions, and I hope I can share my world with creative people and exciting designers to elevate their brands. So, let’s sit down and talk about this.

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I am to help young stylists and established companies develop their leather collections. Located in Italy, our factory has a long heritage of craftsmanship. We make bags, small leather goods and leather clothing. Many fashion luxury brands dream of producing a Made in Italy collection. You are in good hands with us from the initial draw until the final production.

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Our company will check your project carefully, giving you all details about timing, price range and conditions. We can start to develop a sample or a prototype from a professional technical drawing or even follow a simple drawing by hand. You can share tech packs, spec sheets, and more information about the products to develop with us under an NDA agreement. Our skilled workers check the whole production cycle. This attention to detail guarantees unique products and loyal customers.

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Please, simply provide us your telephone number and email, my office department will contact you asap. We will be delighted to send you a quote and all assistance required.