How to tie dye

How to tie dye ? or is tie dye in fashion again? Of course, just looking at the latest fashion shows we notice that this technique is back, now is

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Vegetable tanning leather

The vegetable tanning leather is an old process of leather tanning, indeed the first historical mentions date back to prehistoric times. When we speak about vegetable tanning we have to

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Made in Italy

Made in Italy: a cultural heritage. What does Made in Italy means? Is it just a label or behind this sentence there is something else? Surely this expression represents a

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Sustainability Manufacturing

Certainly sustainability manufacturing means excellence in the Italian fashion industry. As a result, we often hear about SUSTAINABILITY and respect for the ENVIRONMENT, two important aspects for the future of

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Milano Fashion Week

MILANO FASHION WEEK 19/20 The leather clothing line presented at the Spring-Summer 2019/20 Milano Fashion Week catwalk show is the maximum expression of a quality product, of a deep research

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How to make a bag

How To Make a Bag In this post, I d like to share with you, information and details about how to make a bag and above all how we work

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