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At Luxury Leather Italy, your leather goods manufacturer, we supply bag hardware and metal fashion accessories for the luxury market.

Our artisans team is happy to recommend the best solutions for producing leather bags or garments, such as hooks, locks, buckles, chains, D-rings, and many more metal accessories.

The picture above shows one of the most requested metal colours, gunmetal grey, a tone that fits very well in any leather collection for those seeking a sporty or classy mood or, why not, a minimalist design.


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For the fashion industry, high-quality accessories are essential to creating a unique product. Today, bag hardware and metal accessories are the true stars in developing a bag or a leather clothing collection.

They can add or subtract value to the final product and our great made-in-Italy tradition. We must thoroughly study and choose the most appropriate colour to customise our bags or leather clothing.

Certainly! “Are you considering a gold chain, silver, or perhaps gunmetal? What about the dimensions – 1.5, 2 cm, or something else? As you can see, we are now delving into another complex aspect: the colour and dimensions of our beloved accessories, which are often underestimated.

Don’t fret. We are here to provide you with our finest assistance and, more importantly, share our wealth of experience crafting high-quality bags dating back to 1969.

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Tired of carrying my bags by hand and losing them so I decided to put a shoulder strap

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Our Italian factory uses superior hardware and metal accessories in a refined style while producing bags and leather garments. We provide nickel-free treatments and nickel-free metal accessories in compliance with European Standards. We are specialists in nickel-free and metal-plus hypoallergenic finishes.

Luxury Leather pays great attention to the allergic aspect because we can’t make a bag with metal or hardware that can create a health issue, even if it is rare. Using nickel-free treatments, we produce bags and leather goods, combining environmental sustainability with top-quality craftsmanship.

Despite various challenges, our company takes pride in offering an exquisite range of accessories crafted with more than 20 Microns. The longevity of the gold coating depends on its thickness. A coating of 2 or 3 microns will wear off quickly, while a thickness of more than 20 microns ensures long-lasting coverage, provided that the edges are not polished.

Please take a moment to watch this video. It will help you appreciate the quality of our luxury high-end bag hardware.


HANDBAG HARDWARE MANUFACTURER Hey there! If you’re searching for seriously stylish and durable bag accessories, you’ve got to check out Luxury Leather. They’ve got everything from metal tags and zipper pullers to snap hooks, buckles, rings, springs, and zippers – all of exceptional quality. Trust me, your bags will thank you! #madeinitaly #custom #Accessories #brass #zamak #bag #handbag

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Our accessories are made with meticulous attention to detail and are of the highest quality, ensuring our customers receive the best. Our exceptional range of accessories allows our customers to choose from various styles, designs, and colours, making our collection a must-have for fashion enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the quality craftsmanship.

The other aspect is linked to the sustainability theme, an important subject we have followed for several years. Indeed, we are proud to confirm that our bag factory is dedicated to using environmentally friendly materials and production processes to minimize our environmental impact.

Indeed, all our authentic leather products derived from animals have been certified by the LWG Group, the global multi-stakeholder community committed to building a sustainable future with responsible leather. On the other hand, the vegan leathers that we treat are all of organic origin, made from cactus, apple or pineapple extracts


Nowadays, Luxury Leather works in syntony with our customers to offer them the best metal hardware solutions. We can supply the best hardware for leather bags: from hookers to d-rings, from chains to zip, up to galvanic ideas. We provide prompt and efficient service.

Research, innovation, and presentation of new trends are the fundamental pillars of our future partnership. Not just the basic metal accessories but, above all, new solutions to benefit our new clients.

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We pay maximum attention to quality control and product guarantee sharing our professional relationship with luxury brands and new designers.


The selection of premium metal accessories and their components is of the utmost importance in the fashion industry. It’s not only about durability and style but also about considering the volume, shape, and weight, all essential aspects of a distinctive metal accessory.

Our Development departments play a crucial role in driving the innovation and success of our company. Our design process is not just about putting pen to paper; it is a collaborative journey where creativity converges with functionality. Every aspect, from meticulous material selection to the intricacies of design, is carefully crafted with unwavering passion and meticulous attention to detail.

All features you will find in your bags or leather garments collection if you decide to work with us.

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Made in Italy, we offer fashion accessories, a wide range of galvanic treatments, and hardware for the fashion sector. We will use elements to create your exclusive product. In our Italian factory, you can customize hardware and accessories for your bags.


Closures can be personalized, handles are available in different materials, and we offer customizations such as branded hooks and more to all our customers. “Share your ideas with us, and we will work together to turn them into reality.”

To achieve perfection, we require detailed technical drawings or sketches. If you are unsure how to create these, please send your specifications to our research and development office. They will provide further guidance on the necessary data to customize your hardware.


Our dedicated team, with a strong passion for fashion, is committed to fulfilling every customer request and fostering collaborations with discerning stylists and fashion houses. We strive to incorporate a modern flair while preserving the authenticity of Made in Italy.

Please contact our office for further details about manufacturing bags, metal accessories, and leather jackets; assisting you will be a pleasure. We can manufacture metal accessories using various materials, including brass, zamak, and others.


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