Bag Hardware

bag hardware

At Luxury leather, your leather goods manufacturing from Italy, we supply bag hardware and metal fashion accessories for the luxury market.

Hooks, locks, buckles, chains, d-rings and much more metal accessories, our artisan team is happy to recommend the best solutions in the production of your leather bags or leather garments.

The picture above, shows one of the most requested metal colour, the gunmetal grey, a tone that fits very well in any kind of leather collection, for those seeking a sporty or a classy mood or why not a minimalist design.

BAG HARDWARE and much more . . .

For the fashion industry, high-quality accessories are essential to the purpose of a unique product. In the present day, bag hardware and metal accessories are surely the true stars in the development of a bag or a leather clothing collection.

They can give and take away value to the final product and to our great made in Italy tradition. We need to make a thorough study and to choose the most appropriate colour for the customization of our bag or leather clothing.


Gold chain, silver or old gold, perhaps gunmetal? and about dimensions? 1.5, 2 cm or? As you can see now we are opening another difficult chapter not only colour but also the dimension of our loved accessory, another important aspect we all underestimate.

Tired of carrying my bags by hand and losing them so I decided to put a shoulder strap

coco chanel


In our Italian factory during the production of bags and leather garments, we use just superior hardware and metal accessories with refined style. We provide nickel-free treatments and nickel-free metal accessories in compliance with European Standards. We are specialists in nickel-free and metal plus hypoallergenic finishes.

At Luxury Leather great attention is paid, first of all, to the allergic aspect, because we can’t make a bag with a metal or hardware that can create a health issue, even if it is a rare event.

The other aspect is linked to the sustainable theme, an important subject that we are following for several years, indeed we are proud to confirm that our factory is a sustainable company.


Nowadays Luxury Leather works in syntony with our customers to offer them the best metal hardware solutions. From hookers to d-rings, from chains to zip, up to galvanic ideas, we provide prompt and efficient service.

Research, innovation and presentation of new trends, are our fundamental pillars for our future partnership. Not just the basic metal accessories but above all new solutions to the benefit of our new clients.

We pay maximum attention to quality control and product guarantee sharing our professional relationship with luxury brands and new designers.


For the Fashion industry, the use of high-quality metal accessory and their components is a key priority. Not just resistance and style but above all volume, shape and lightness, everything in a unique metal accessory.

All features that you will find in your bags or leather garments collection if you decide to work with us.

Made in Italy fashion accessories, a wide range of galvanic treatments and above all hardware for the fashion sector, elements that we will use to create your exclusive product.

Please contact our office to get further details about the manufacturing of bag, metal accessory and leather jacket production, it will be a pleasure to assist you.