We make bags, leather garment we are made in Italy


Luxuryleather is a leather goods manufacturing in Italy that produces bags, small leather goods and leather garment. We work for many of the most influential brands on the market, and we help young designers to realize their DREAMS. From the development of the design, going through the research of sources and accessories, up to the finished product, every single step of the work is in the hands of our professional team and artisans.  

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about us

manufacturing leather goods

A complete in-house fashion company, a manufacturer of bags where you can develop your collections. In our factory, you will take step by step through every single stage of creating your bags, garments and leather goods.


  • Small and large orders
  • Private label
  • Custom leather handbags
  • Made in Italy

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leather goods manufacturer

designed in Stockholm, made in Italy

A manufacturer of bag from Italy that seeks to exploit new opportunities, to create new services products and to establish a new partnership, starting from a :

At the end of this path full of difficulties and pitfalls, a simple idea, a sketch, a drawing has become a reality. It is time to start your trip to Italy, a journey full of dreams and hopes.


From the very start of my handbag brand, "Luxury&Leather" has felt as a right choice to work with. Besides the excellent quality of the products, they think along very well and give good advice. Also, fast communication is always guaranteed.

sustainable, ecologic, our vegan bags

We have been using sustainable materials for several years. We are also a vegan leather bag manufacturer.

At our factory, customers can develop eco-friendly leather bags and leather jackets; indeed, we don’t use PC or PVC, PLASTIC, DIOXIN but just organic sources.

To protect our planet the world we are leaving, we have to follow Nature around us, its plants, leaves, and elements to make a final product completely vegan.


  • vegans are 100 % cruelty-free
  • made from a natural component
  • an alternative to genuine leather, to animal origin
  • it is a way to reduce waste.

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conceptualized in the Netherlands, made in Italy

Here you can find our guidelines about how to make a bag where you can get further details about our production chain.

Design your bag; we are your sustainable company in Italy, we can make any luxury product you need.


  • Prototyping
  • Sample development
  • Manufacturing phases
  • Quality control

about us

To better describe our world and, above all, how we work in the factory, we posted some videos showing men at work during leather jacket manufacturing and leather goods manufacturing, and please watch them.

Leather jacket manufacturer since 1979, luxuryleather has a leading position in the fashion sector, whatever you need, we can help you.

from Milano Fashion Week

from Milano Fashion Week


The success of a brand depends on various factors. One of them is the productive partner choice to which it binds. Cristiano Burani is an expression of Made in Italy excellence, and he is recognized as a hallmark of quality and research. A cooperation agreement with Luxuryleather has allowed us to bring in Milano catwalks and in the best boutiques worldwide, clothing, and accessories in leather made by innovative lines offering top quality.

designed in UK made in ITALY

from Milano Fashion Week

Bag Hardware

At Luxury leather, your leather goods manufacturing from Italy, we supply bag hardware and metal fashion accessories for the luxury market.

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Leather Tannery

LEATHER TANNERY our season trends. Nowadays there is a great and strong demand for accessories, for leather goods, our advice for

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Handmade Product

What means a handmade product? Luxuryleather inspires to excellence cause we need to promote the most skilled master artisans. Craftsmanship is

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Please, simply provide us your telephone number and email, our office department will contact you soon. We will be delighted to send you a quote and all assistance required.